The fastest, easiest way to turn old OTR and earthmover tyres into Money.

We'll buy your unwanted damaged worn part-worn scrap OTR & Earthmover tyres.

We'll Buy Them!

Why Earthmover Tyres Scotland

We Come to You

Unlike our competitors, we will come to your site nomatter where you are.

On-Site Decision

We'll make a decision there and then.

We Arrange Transport

If we buy your tyres, we'll arrange all transport.

Top Prices Paid

We'll always give you a competitive price.

Environmentally Friendly

All tyres we purchase are exported and reused for re-tread, reconditioning, recycling.

Additional Help

If we don't buy your tyres, we can offer a disposal route and are licensed to do so.

What we buy...

  • Tyres removed for wear or site damage
  • Tyres can be run down to steel on a few areas, 25" sizes max 5 penetrations spread out around tyre
  • Rubber damage on bead area ok
  • Repair failures, patches falling off all ok
  • All that said the cleaner the tyre the better the price we pay
  • Sooty black - this indicates tyre is old and outside for many seasons and carbon is leaching.
  • Same may apply to green mouldy tyres
  • Exploded for whatever reason
  • Tyre inside destroyed by running under inflated or overloading
Pricing is done on the day on the spot, we are working with several currencies and work on the daily exchange rates, that said general guide from £20 to £100 per ton, or from £20 a tyre to £100 a tyre.
Remember this is for scrap tyres, if you show us better casings we can pay more, and in many cases match re-tread factory prices and on the spot payment.

All tyres we purchase are exported Worldwide for reconditioning re-treading recycling

We have hundreds of customers waiting for your old OTR and earthmover tyres.