About Us

We've been doing this for years. decades. 45 years!

We have been around buying and selling tyre casings all sizes for 45 years. We concentrate on offering a service to the Mining & Quarry industry tyre users - this consists of buying their part-worn, scrap or unwanted OTR tyres which are removed for wear or damage, and appropriate environmental documentation supplied where applicable.

We enable you to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a new form of income.

What makes us Different?

We are often asked - "What makes us different from other tyre companies?"

We don't sell tyres and all tyres we purchase are exported and reused for re-tread, reconditioning, recycling, so we certainly work in the hierarchy called 3R - Reuse ,Remanufacture ,Recycle.

In the UK you have two companies capable of retreading OTR & Earthmover tyres - both well established companies and in the main doing a good job. They also buy casings but only for retreading - the difference is they will want them transported to their factory, and will want to scan and peel rubber from tread before they decide if they will buy or not. If not acceptable you then have to have the tyre returned or pay a disposal charge, this all takes time and can incur unplanned or unexpected costs, and can double your carbon footprint. Then you have a similar if not worse scenario with the European re-tread companies be they German, Italian, whatever - haul them away to Europe, look, reject and charge disposal etc. etc.

Then you have your tyre service company who tell you your tyre is not repairable and has no value and in many case make a charge for disposal. We know as we buy some of them after you have paid disposal charge!

Where we differ is we visit your workshop or site, look at your scrap tyre casings and make on site decision, remove and pay you, job done. We also accept casings these companies have rejected (not if they have peeled rubber off them, unfortunately) - tyres with extensive damage usually unsuitable for repair in Europe.

UK & European retread companies reject purchase of casings due to work required on tyre or dimensions which don't fit with their retread system etc, or are not suitable for their process, as of course European labour costs are high. We are exporting to countries and companies who will have a much lower labour cost base and will carry out more work on the casing making it acceptable for remanufacture etc., so because of our various global markets tyre dimensions and extensive damage on casings are not a problem for us.

We buy on a consistent basis and not just when we need stock.

We have no upper limit by value or amount of casings we will buy, 10 casings or few hundred we will call and buy on the spot. Your local retread company can only buy what they can sell in their area, we have the World to supply so sizes and quantities for us are infinite.

We don't sell tyres we only want to buy your unwanted tyre casings, we will travel anywhere to examine and buy your scrap tyre casings, and we do, you name it we have been there!


  • Part-worn tyres
  • Tyres removed for wear
  • Site damage tyres can be run down to steel on a few areas
  • 25" sizes max 5 penetrations spread out around tyre
  • Rubber damage on bead area
  • Repair failures
  • Patches falling off

All that said the cleaner the tyre the better the price we pay.

Not Wanted

  • Sooty black - this indicates tyre is old and outside for many seasons and carbon is leaching
  • Same may apply to green mouldy tyres
  • Exploded for whatever reason
  • Tyre inside destroyed by running under inflated or overloading


Pricing is done on the day on the spot, we are working with several currencies and work on the daily exchange rates, that said general guide from £20 to £100 per ton, or from £20 a tyre to £100 a tyre. Remember this is for scrap tyres, if you show us better casings we can pay more, and in many cases match re-tread factory prices and on the spot payment.


Where a tyre is not acceptable for our market or indeed any, in other words has been destroyed or exploded we can offer a disposal route and licensed to do so, this of course incurs a cost but we are one of few offering this service.